Webcam model jobs by location


The location of both where the applications for webcam jobs are located and where the jobs offered are based have been changing over the past 15 years reflecting the development of the technology and the change of public views towards the webcam jobs profession.

During the early years of webcam chat industry, most of the models are based in Eastern Europe if not all of them, and a few cities in the US and Canada. It was not such as well known profession then, and a lot of the models are broadcasting in a studio environment and introduced to the job through friends or ex phone chat operators. Internet was not so widely accessible from every household and studios provides a more professional touch and privacy for them. Most people never even know such sites exist which allows someone to make money by entertaining people and they certainly won't come across webcam model jobs classified advertisements on their morning paper. Fast forwarding it to 2011, there are cam site operators based in almost all developed countries with a diversity of cam jobs available catering for customers with different tastes. Not all webcam jobs are adult in nature, some are for light entertainment, and there are some which an expert of a particular subject assist the client over a premium webcam chat session. So if you presume someone is a virtual stripper if she tells you she works in a chat site, you could be very wrong. She could be a doctor or an accountant helping out people in such sites and making some additional money.

Now, you can find professional webcam models or chat host coming from all corners of the world. US webcam models are getting extremely popular, especially with US customers and while a lot of cam models still worry about the public view, most cam models nowadays have accepted the fact that webcam modeling is nothing bad at all. It is a legal profession, and much safer then working in the adult video industry or clubs. Webcam modeling is a big industry in America, for the network operators and for the part-time or home based job market. You generally will expect to see around 40% of the live chat hosts are from the US in established and high paid chat sites, whereas for a chat site that cannot afford to pay high rates, you will find a higher percentage of models are based outside the North America continent. Besides Americans, Canada probably comes second place in the number of english speaking live chat models with UK following not far behind. Here are a few places where some of our top webcam models come from: Webcam model jobs at Kansas | Webcam model jobs at Arizona | Webcam model jobs in Texas | Webcam model jobs in Washington | Webcam model jobs in California | Webcam model jobs in New York |

On the european front, you will expect to see a lot of performers are from Romania, Russia, Czech republic and Slovakia when you visit a webcam chat site especially the one that is adult entertainment orientated. Adult webcam jobs are popular in these countries especially for students and people who are out of work from their regular jobs. The currency conversion also made webcam job a very attractive profession, but you will find most of the performers are still broadcasting inside a studio rather than from home. This is most likely because people tends to move out from their parents house a lot later than those in North America.

No matter where you are located ( with the exception of a few countries and other conditions apply ), if you want to become a webcam model and earn from a high paid webcam modeling jobs, we are interested in hearing from you. To learn more, visit our FAQ, or if you want to get start as quickly as possible, apply now with us and join our model team.