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As seen on BBC Newsbeat

The girls wear fancy underwear and headsets to talk to punters on the webcams.

Lauren told Newsbeat she can make up to 30 GBP ( approximately $50 ) per hour with bonuses.

"You can imagine, it is talking dirty. You know, if they ask me to take my top off, I will do."

It's a secretive international industry. Women can work from anywhere in the world, posing naked and talking explicitly about sex.

She said her priority is her three-year-old daughter and insists she's not being exploited.

"A lot of my friends are working in clothes shops and stuff, they've got no money. I could do two shifts in a week and I'm still earning more money than what they are and I get to spend all day, every day, with my little girl."

source: http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsbeat/10001612


" Webcam model job is the best job I ever had and now I am so hooked to it I want to be online every minute chatting to my fans and make money at the same time. Over the years I have changed many jobs and none of them lasted more than 6 months. I just get bored of things easily, but I been doing camming for 2 years now. James from TTxana has always been very supportive, if it is not for him I probably have also stopped camming after the first 2 months. "
Eve Eden - webcam modeling since 2009

" I am completely hopeless when it comes to technology and computer, I couldn't get the broadcasting program working on my computer and the tech support from TTxana spent over 2 hours on phone helping me to sort out the problem in my computer. Not even the company I bought my computer form has given me that kind of tech support. "
Sydney Vegas - webcam modeling since 2010

" I know I wouldn't have done it without their support, the things they taught me about webcam modeling in two weeks would have taken me 6 months to learn. Now with all my debts paid, I can finally plan my vacation."
Selene Scott - webcam modeling since 2009

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