Privacy protection

Your privacy is important to us.

In this section you can find out more about how we protect our models' privacy, and we strongly recommend you to read our ' Safety in webcamming ' section whether you are already a webcam model or are considering taking up webcam modeling as a career.

Steps we take to protect your privacy:

  • Any sensitive information you provide us will only be used for a specific purpose such as setting up your broadcasting account or your payment account.
  • We will not mail / post item to the address you provide us unless we obtain your permission in advance.
  • All sensitive or personal information is encrypted and stored in our offline server, this server is not connected to the internet.
  • Information you provide us are used by different departments in our company on a ' Need to Know ' basis. For example, our broadcasting department will only know the the information that is necessary for them to perform their duty such as your name and your modeling name etc but not your address or phone number, likewise our payment department will not know your modeling name and only know your name and relevant information to pay you.
  • We have a strict privacy policy.
  • We do not collect information unless it is necessary. For example, we will not ask for your bank details or paypal username until you are approved as our model and we need that information to pay you.
  • Your real name and location will never be revealed to the site / chatroom visitors.
  • You can block visitors from any country, or state or province. People from the blocked location besides cannot enter your chat room, they cannot even see your profile.