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Webcam modeling have been around since the mid-nineties and its popularity has grown tremendously in the past few years. There are a few factors that has helped to promote the popularity of this industry, the increase of internet connection availability worldwide being one of them and the success of internet social networking being the other. People are spending more and more time interacting with friends on the net rather than meeting up at the bar or coffee shops. It is a lot more convenient, considering the stressful lifestyle most of us are experiencing it is easy to see why most prefer to interact over the net.

The law of supply and demand is almost true in every economic situation, it is no exception in the webcam model job industry. Some clever people had a great idea in the nineties and started the first premium webcam chat site where members all gather in a chat room interacting with the usually very attractive chat host or hostess for free, and paid a premium rate if he or she want to interact with the model on a one to one basic through webcam and audio. It was a big success despite the slow internet connection and poor video quality in those days, very soon a few other websites follow and now there must be well over 100 websites providing similar services. Consequently there was a sudden demand of models to fill these live chat sites' chat rooms, they know people prefer to visit a site where there are choices of models and the competition of the webcam model recruitment sector began.

The global recession has also played its part in fuelling the growth of the industry, it is almost a coincidence that many people lost their regular daily jobs in the recent years and the sharp rise of internet modeling popularity. There are mainly two types of workplaces for internet models, at home or in a studio. During the early days of this industry, working from a studio was almost the only choice to be successful in webcam modeling jobs because for good quality video streaming, one needs good hardware and fast internet connection, neither one of these was easily affordable for most common households. Webcam broadcasting studios usually invest heavily on equipments such as high end video broadcasting hardware, studio type lightings and cable internet connections. If you have ever been to a live chat site, you can immediately tell the difference between the video stream quality from a typical usb webcam and from a studio broadcast.

Nowadays most webcam models broadcast from their homes rather than from studios. The advantages of working from home are almost the same as another home based jobs or home based business, flexibility and convenience. With the average prices of a decent webcam or camcorder at a few hundred dollars, it might just be more cost effective to broadcast from home than spending time and gas money to travel to the studios. Another big advantage is some websites allow their models to broadcast virtually from anywhere and models are also getting creative in terms of where they broadcast from. Utilising the availability of high speed mobile internet connection in some countries, webcam models are broadcasting from places outside their homes such as in their cars, on the beach and even in the airport.

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