Webcam modeling essential equipments


What equipment you need for webcam jobs

Most people only think of technical equipments when they think of what equipments they need for webcam modeling. We will take it a little bit further and list out most of the basic work related equipments you should have if you are serious about making good money in webcam jobs.

The essentials

A PC or Mac computer with a Pentilum 3 processor ( or higher ) or equivalent. A microphone. A good video card inside your computer is a definitely a plus.

A good USB webcam ( Most common one is Logitech Pro 9000 ). Webcam that is built into your laptop is not recommended with the exception of i-sight, however it still won't be a flexible as a separate USB cam that is connected to your computer via a cable.

Good internet connection. We recommend at least 400 kbit upload speed. Note that it is the upload speed that matter most, not the download speed. If you are not sure, use your browser and visit , choose a West Coast server in United States and take a look at the Upstream / upload speed in the test result.

Nice lingerie, not necessary very expensive one but at least matching. Black color, white color and red color are the most common request from customers. Selection of stockings.

Either a floor lamp or a desk lamp besides your ceiling lighting.

Selection of music that is targetted age your customer age group, typically male above 35 years will have more disposable income than someone at 25 ;)

Sex toy. You can start with one then build up your collection by buying more, or from your gift wishlist.

The investment

We have covered the essentials, there are more advanced video and lighting equipments out there that a webcam model should consider purchasing as an investment once she starts earning. Those equipments are not cheap but well worth considering as future upgrades if you are serious about webcam modeling. A good quality is especially important if you are working in adult cam jobs because the competition is higher and customers usually are charged at a higher rate to enjoy your performance, they will expect your cam stream video clear and sharper than models in the general webcam model jobs category.

We are able to give recommendation to all our models in equipment upgrades plus technical support on how to achieve best video and audio quality for your live chat streaming.