Webcam modeling jobs FAQ


The FAQ below applies to webcam modeling jobs, for internet modeling FAQs, please visit our internet modeling FAQs section.

How do I become a webcam model?
First you must be over 18 years old ( or the legal age of your country ) to apply. The overview, application process, and minimum requirements can be found on the ' Become a webcam model ' section of our site.

Do you have webcam jobs for male or couples?
Absolutely, we always have webcam jobs available for male solo webcam performer and duo / couple performers. In fact, our partners' broadcasting networks cover just about every niche in the webcam modeling industry, there is always openings no matter what gender or sexual orientation you are.

How much money can I make?
This obviously depends on how many hours you work and how fast you learn. It is easy to make money in webcam modeling and there is no limit in how much you can make. Based on our data for the past 5 years, a new model can expect to make between 50 to 100 USD per hour, more experienced models can expect to earn a lot more. Last year our top earner made over 40,000 USD in a single month. Detailed payout structure will be sent to you once your are approved and activated for broadcasting. Our models also enjoy additional sources of revenue such as commission from model referral, income from your own website and more.
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How often and how would I be paid as a webcam model?
We pay our webcam models twice a month. You can choose to be paid by bank transfer, Cash withdrawal with a prepaid payroll card or Paypal. Prepaid payroll card is a payment system which you will receive a Mastercard to withdraw your earnings in cash from atm or use it online. If you have other preferred choice of payment methods to receive your earnings, we are open to discussions.

( * Models from United States please note that you will be paid by a company in United Kingdom, you will not be receiving an end of year tax form / income report from us * )

Is there any rules in webcam modeling when I am online?
Basically, nothing illegal. This is a legal business and we take it very seriously when it comes to legal compliance. If your application is successful, you will be given a username and password to log into the model back office and you can find the details of rules and regulations there.

What are the working hours and locations?
You can make your own schedule, or just work whenever you have free time. You can work almost anywhere you want ( without breaking any rules ) and from almost every location in the world providing it is legal to do webcam modeling in your country. If you want to stop doing webcam modeling for any reason, just inform us in writing or email.

Is my identity and personal information kept private?
Yes. Information you submitted to us will only be used for setting up your broadcasting account and payments. We will only release your information if it is absolutely required by legal authorities. Members and customers in the chat rooms will only know you by your stage name ( modeling nickname ). You can also choose to block chat room visitors from any country / state.
( Learn more about how we protect your privacy in our webcam jobs privacy section ).

I have no experience / I do not look like a supermodel. Can I still do webcam modeling?
Yes we provide full initial and ongoing trainings for all our models. One does not need to look like a supermodel to be successful in this business, personality and willingness to learn far outweight appearances.

Will it show up I done webcam modeling in any background checks?
As a TTxana Studio webcam model, you will be paid by us as an independant professional subcontractor and there will be no mention of webcam modeling anywhere.

Is webcam modeling legal?
Webcam modeling or engaging in webcam model job is completely legal in vast majority of the countries namely US, UK, Canada, Australia etc etc. However if you are living in a country that you are not too sure, we advise you to seek legal advise first.

I have a question not answered here.
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