Tutorial 4: Webcam model jobs dialogue


In this tutorial, we will take a look at some typical chat dialogues between webcam models and chatters, and how to effectively use them to make more money in webcam jobs.

Always maintain positive atmosphere in your chat room, never be rude to someone in your room who has not spend anything and stay silent, he might very well be a very big spender in the future. Try not to think of it as a webcam job but at the same time remember your motivation ( make money ). The impression you must give your room is you are there to have fun while making money at the same time, do not over do it or they will think they don't care about making money at all. Using subtle gesture or body language to indicate you are sexually aroused work best in webcam model jobs during a naughty chat session. Always pay attention to someone for a short time who just enter and introduce himself to you so he knows he is not being ignored and feel welcome in your room. Then back to chat to the whole room in general.

Below are some useful phases that you can blend into your chat, while some are more explicit than others, they are proven to be very effective in webcam modeling jobs.

  • I am getting very excited by all this naughty talk, I think I might cum in 2 mins if someone take me private now.
  • I been thinking about sex all day and couldn't wait to come on cam to have some fun with you guys.
  • This sex talk is driving me crazy, someone better help me to cum in pvt right now.
  • I won't be able to sleep if I don't cum, anyone want to volunteer to help me?
  • Remember to use audio. Using audio is a great way to sell cam shows and bring you more money, so always make sure your mic is on whenever you are broadcasting.
  • Why is my panties all wet? Anyone want a closer look in pvt room?

Be imaginative when it comes to naughty talks, and do not be shy. If you can blend in some humour into it in between those explicit lines it will work even better.