Tutorial 1: Webcam jobs basic


To be a cam model, first you must understand you are the host of your chatroom and the star of your livecam shows. It is important to remember models in webcam jobs are just like performer in any show business, you are giving a show for the enjoyment of those in your room. Below is a list of things that will help you to make more money in webcam jobs

  • Female models should wear matching and sexy outfits and clean ( including the bottom of your shoes ) heels. Finger and toe nails polished, do proper make up ( Do make up like a pornstar, the camera will love you more ). A fashionable or at least good looking hair style.
  • Male models can wear tank top or unbuttoned shirts with jeans. Nicely groomed hair and good shaved or trimmed facial hair.
  • Webcam should be placed right next to the screen and not on top, when you read your chat it must look like you are looking into the cam and make sure you have enough lights for your room. Light makes all the difference in webcam videos.
  • Appearance is important in webcam jobs. Always look your best like you are going to an important date.
  • Remember to use audio. Using audio is a great way to sell cam shows and bring you more money, so always make sure your mic is on whenever you are broadcasting.
  • Either use the program built in function or even a pencil and notebook to make note of your customers. Such as the name they told you, where they from what they like. It will impress them if you remember this things next time they are in your webcam shows, or chatrooms.
  • It can be confusing if you just chat without saying who you are talking to if you are answering a particular chat member's question, so always try to address their screenname.
  • Maintain a cheerful atmosphere and look, smile a lot, laugh at their jokes. Pretend you are interest at them is a great way to score the lonely type customers, if they think they have a chance to fall in love with you, they will spend on you.
  • Avoid doing anything that is not sexy on your cam, always pay attention to small movements that you might not be aware you are doing such as picking your ears, scratching your legs, it is a big turn off for the customers.
  • Try not to say no to customers request, if they request something that you really do not want to do, say something like if you tip me maybe I can try, or I never tried that before maybe you can teach me how to do it in private chat rooms?
  • Give attention to the whole room and not to one particular member, that way they will try to get your attention by spending on you.
  • Webcam job is not much different to other jobs in terms to commitments, you gain experience each time you are working, and build up a good solid customer base with time.

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