Tutorial 6: Regular chat visitors not spending?


In this tutorial, we will take a look at some typical chat dialogues between webcam models and chatters, and how to effectively use them to make more money in webcam jobs.

After you been doing webcam jobs for a week or two, you should have some regular visitors in your room and among them, there bound to be a few who is always there with you but yet to spend a penny on you. This tutorial will give you some suggestion on how to convert these free flirters.

Some of them might be in love with you, while others might be there cause they are getting what they want, your attention. Attention is the keyword here, and the first thing a model must remember in webcam jobs is never give too much attention to the free flirters but just give enough to keep them interested in you.

A little patience will almost always pay off on converting free flirters so do not get annoy or push them to pay. They might be on a limit budget and it is your job as a webcam model to convert whatever budget they are at.

Try the following techniques below and see if that works for you.

  • Get them to go against each other to fight for your attention, one of them will bound to spend to try to beat the other one.
  • Work on their soft spots for you, everyone wants to be a hero so if you are in distress in the room, they will usually help you out. But do not make it too obvious, hint by expression but do not say I need help, please help me.
  • Flirt with them a little, then completely ignore for a little time and do it all over again. Doing this right will drive them crazy and think you are really interest in them, they will usually take you private to find out if you are for real.