Tutorial 5: Positive approach to webcam modeling


In this tutorial, we will talk about how a professional webcam model interact with chatters in her job. It may sound difficult to always give a reply that leads towards a sale but a little creativity goes a long way in webcam modeling. Instead of just say No, there are other ways to reply to those questions. For example:

If a chatter ask you to do certain things that you don't really do in private shows, instead of saying no, can try to say you have never tried but you are very curious about trying it to see how it feels.

If a chatter ask if you are into escorting, the obvious answer is no cause it is illegal besides it is against the site rules. To deal with this, tell the chatter no but you have met some nice people from the site for fun and not for money. Guide this towards his fantasy about meeting you but never agree to it for real of course.

If chatter says he only have 5 mins and if that is enough for you to cum in pvt, instead of saying for sure you can, it is obvious you are going to fake it, you can try to say something like, I can try but I bet I can make you cum before I do.

If chatter ask what is your personal contact, or if you have facebook, twitters etc etc. Tell him you only stay in touch with your best customers when you are not on cam here to hint him to spend on you.

I think you are getting the idea how to turn a negative reply into something positive in webcam model jobs environment. Be creative and as you spend more time online, make note and review your chat after each modeling session is the best way to improve.

Be imaginative when it comes to naughty talks, and do not be shy. If you can blend in some humour into it in between those explicit lines it will work even better.