Tutorial 8: Make webcam modeling a fun job


Webcam modeling job is a lot of fun and if someone in your room is trying to ruin your fun, it is your job to put a stop on their behaviour. Banning should be your last option, there are other ways to make them give up being abusive or even turn them into a customer.

Many webcam models do not understand why there are chatters so abusive or disrespectful to you for no reason. Basically, they want the same thing other chatters want ' Attention ', and they think that is the way to get it from you and the room without spending. For them even negative attention is good enough for them, you can think of them as the rebel teenagers in real life who seek attention above everything else.

Confrontation will just turn your chat room upside down, deal with them like you would deal with the immature people in real life and show them why can't we all just get along. For example, if someone in your room say something like ' You are such a B**ch ', try to reply by ' Lol, why you hate me, I am just working hard trying to make a simple living '. Or you can even try ' You are here so you must like B**ches, where are you from honey '. They will be so lost in your reply and most of the time they will change immediately to a nice person. It is a bit of pride swallowing sometimes, but if you are a professional, you can handle it. Never never take things personal in webcam modeling jobs.