Tutorial 7: Bad words in webcam modeling jobs


Well they are not really forbidden words but they certainly will turn your potential customers off in spending on you. Make a list of things you should not say or do and stick this piece of paper right next to her screen, is a good practice in webcam modeling jobs.

Immediate pressure is always a turn off to most customers, just like if you walk into a shop and the sales person come to you trying to make you buy something before you have a chance to browse around, you probably will just walk out of that shop cause you don't feel comfortable there. It is not so much difference in webcam modeling jobs, the only difference is what you sell is not a physical product so let the chatters hang out in your chat room and find out.

Times up and Buy are two word(s) you should never use while you are online working. The customers can see how much time they got left in the private show first of all, second of all you just ruined his fantasy knowing you have been keeping an eye on the timer and the chance he will buy again is very slim. Buy or Pay put immediate pressure on the chatters, there are other ways to manipulate them to spend than demanding them to spend. By demanding it, you just ruin the whole room's atmosphere.

An adult webcam job is pretty similar to job in a strip club only much safer, and the same as a strip club, the customer must feel welcome and comfortable to browse around before he pick his favourite girl for a private dance.