Tutorial 3: Importance of an engaging chatroom


How should a webcam model keep the chat room visitors interest enough to stay in his or her chat room is a question many models face, even models with years of experience cannot keep every visitors happy but with a few basic webcam modeling guidelines to follow, you should have no problem in keeping the majority visitors happy to stay.

One must remember in adult webcam modeling jobs, it is all about sex appeal and the chat must always revolve around erotic topics. From time to time, you will have visitors who is just there to pass time and he knows he has no money to spare to purchase a sex show, very often this type of customers try to talk about the things they like such as sport, music or movies. It is perfectly ok to exchange one of two sentences to show you are not ignoring him, but do not engage in such chat topics otherwise even those customers who originally come to your room full of sexual excitements will forget why they are there, or go to another webcam model's room. You just lost a potential customer there if it happens.

Get people chatting in the main chat is very important, it make you look popular. The more people are chatting, the better. The one who has money to spend and wants all your attention will have to spend it on you by taking you into a private chat room.

Just like the name suggest, webcam modeling is ' modeling ' , so always pose in the sexiest and suggestive way possible, and keep changing your pose. When there are a lot of visitors begging or requesting you to show for free, ignore them is best but do not get upset at them. It only means you are doing it right when there are a lot of people requesting you to show this or that in the free chat, they are losing it at that point and you have a good chance to score some paid shows. So add a little flash usually does the trick at that point.