Safety in webcam modeling jobs


Webcam modeling essential guide on privacy protection.

As part of our commitment in upholding the standard of the webcam modeling industry, we have decided to address the privacy safety issues in both webcam model jobs and internet modeling industry in general. Whether you are one of our models, looking for webcam jobs or already webcam modeling elsewhere, we hope you will find the following information useful.

  • Applying: Learn how to spot potential scammers before you apply for webcam model jobs.
  • Working: Learn the best practice to protect your private information while modeling.

Safety in applying for webcam jobs:

This is perhaps the main concern when someone is thinking about taking up webcam modeling.

It is a legal requirement for all broadcasting companies and modeling agencies involved in adult webcam industry to maintain a record of the model's ID who will be broadcasting live. Further information can be found by looking up U.S.C. 2257 record keeping requirement on the internet. Unfortunately there will always be some who try to use it as excuse to obtain your private information with bad intention.

Our advise is before you provide your ID to any website or person who is claiming to be a legitimate webcam site operator or webcam jobs agent, go through the checklist below first.

  • Free email
    Avoid dealing with advertisers who only provide a free email address such as hotmail, yahoo mail or gmail as contact.

  • Website
    Does the advertiser has a modeling recuritment or webcam jobs website that you can look up? Avoid website that is hosted on some free hosting company.

  • Individual or company
    Are you dealing with an individual or a legally formed company? It is always safer to deal with a legal corporation. ( We are a company formed and registerd in the United Kingdom ).

  • Operators origin
    Where is the operator based? Avoid dealing with advertisers and operators from countries that has a high rate of scams and fraudulent activities. ( We are based in United Kingdom, a low risk country ).

  • Contact information
    On the advertiser's website, what contact information are listed? A good company that has nothing to hide will usually provide a number of ways for visitors to contact them.

  • Verified site
    On the advertiser's website, do you see any kind of verification seal? And did anything happen if you click on that seal? A REAL and Valid seal should always be clickable or provide information on how to validate the website.

  • Privacy policy
    Do you see a privacy policy on the website you are about to apply for a webcam job? A website that ask for applicant's private information without even bother to display their privacy policy is usually a bad sign. ( Find the link to our privacy policy at the bottom of the page ).

Safety during webcam modeling:

Whether you are new or you are already working in webcam model jobs, below are a few safety guidelines that you can look up at anytime as a reference for the best practice while you are online camming. Most of them are privacy related, some of them are health related. If you find the information useful, please bookmark us on your browser so you can quickly come back to this page for a quick refreshment anytime.

  • Name
    This should be the first and most important thing that you must always remember, is never ever give out your real name to any site members no matter how much time they have spent in your chatroom. Yes, not even if they have been there everyday chatting with you and spending on you for years. With regret, stalkers do exist and the last thing a webcam model need is for someone to look up your real name or tell everyone on the internet your real name.

  • Contact information
    Majority of the cam sites have their own internal email or messaging system which allow members and cam models to keep in touch when she is not modeling. There are some cam sites that allow models and members to exchange contact information, this is particularly awkard for models because if a good customer ask her for her email and she refuse, there is a very good chance he will go find another model to be his favourite.

    Our advise is, set up a different email address for the sole purpose for the cam jobs. Pick a email address name that has nothing to do with your real name, and when you are signing up for this new email account, it is also important that you do not put your full legal name there.

    Same goes for phone numbers, get a prepaid cell phone if possible so you can switch it off when you are not at work. To take it one step further, it is recommended you block your own number if a customer request you to call him during a private cam shows.

    I believe you got the idea, apply the same precaution to your webcam model job related twitter, facebook or any other social networks. So you can have everything separate to your real personal life.

  • Links and attachments
    From time to time, you might receive messages from members that contain links to another website or attachments. Beware of malware, it is the internet afterall. Even for members who you trust, he might not be aware he is sending you to some websites that contains malware. Hackers have a way of making you want to click the link or open his attached file. The best practice is never click on any link or accept any file attachments from members, and if you really need to, then make sure all your anti-virus software is up to date and turned on.

    Sending or posting your picture: It is quite normal for models to send her best customer some photos, but here is something you might not be aware of, if you are uploading this files to some photo sharing sites, that site will record the location ( base on the ip you are uploading from ), time you upload it on the file. This details are usually not viewable by the public from the site directly but for those who know how to retrieve it, it will reveal certain information about you.

  • Receiving item by post or courier
    Always use PO Box address to receive items from members if the cam site you work at allows it. Even most wishlist will not reveal your gift destination address to the sender, we have learned that some people managed to retrieve that address from the delivery companies.

Safety issues aside, you might find our webcam modeling tutorial useful whether you are new or experienced model.

We are dedicated to providing best support for our webcam models and a safe platform to work in. We also believe webcam modeling jobs should be a fun and enjoyable career choice and will update this page when new safety issue arises. If you are interested in webcam modeling for us apply now to become one of our models. If you have some concern about the site you are planning to apply for web cam jobs, or any internet modeling jobs, feel free to contact us for a non-biased opinion.