Modeling on web

This page is dedicated to provide you with information about ' How it works ', if you are interested in our web modeling assignments offers. But before you read on, please note that we will only consider applicant who is over 18. If you are under 18 and want to become a model, google around and you can find lots of other modeling agencies for that, you might still find it useful to read out safety guide for modeling on line before you sign up with other companies or agencies. The assignments we offer are adult orientated mainly, although nudity is not strictly required, we will appreciate you let us know on your application form if you are not comfortable with it, so that we can find you suitable modeling assignments.

Okay, now let us move on to how everything works from when you decide to apply to become one of our web models to how you get paid. First, you will need to fill out one of our application form. It is very important you describe yourself a little bit on your application. It will help us to assess your earning potential in the industry so please give us and honest description, afterall you don't want to spend hours online working and disappointed because you are not making as much money as you expected,unless of course you just want to do it for fun which we have come across a good number of webcam models think of it that way, do it for fun and whatever she makes are just as bonus to it. However the most successful webcam models are money motivated and think of webcam modeling as a lucrative business opportunity rather than recreational activity.

After you completed the form, you will hear from us within a few hours if we think you got what it takes to be successful. Then you will need to supply proof of age documents and digitally sign a model release document. On successful activation of your modeling account, we will invite you to attend a briefing session where you will learn the basic essentials on what to do on your first assignment, as well as what you should not do, it will also give you a chance to ask us questions.

On the activation email we send you, you will find lots of information including what payment options we offer and how often you will be paid once you started. This information varies between assignments and you will be updated accordingly each time.

  • Fast setup and no setup fee
  • Huge earning potential
  • Full support and training
  • Get paid twice a month
  • Block visitors by geo location
  • Flexible hours and locations