General webcam modeling questions and answers


How safe is webcam modeling?

Working in webcam modeling allows you to work safely inside your own house. While you are online, however we have a few safety tips that you should follow for your own benefit. Never give out sensitive information to the site members, things such as your phone number, address etc. or anything that can be trace back to you, if you plan to have an wishlist so people can send you gifts? Best is to use a PO Box for extra safety. When members ask where you are from, it is best you make up a location that is different to where you actually are located.

Are there any setup fee or associated cost to start webcam modeling?

There will be no set up fee, and the only associated cost will be whatever equipment you need to purchase, work related items such as outfits, and internet connections etc. Remember, we are the one who pays you and that is exactly what it is, not you pay us.

What kind of equipment I should get?

You do not need a super fancy webcam to start webcam modeling. A decent USB cam by Logitech is usually good enough, and then you can upgrade it later to either a camcorder or even higher quality HD remote cams. Providing you already have a PC, the starting cost can be as low as 100 dollars in buying the cam, microphone and connecting to the internet.

I am not particularly attractive, you still think I can make money by working as webcam model?

Of course not everyone can look like a bikini model or lingerie model, and most of the webcam models do not look anything close to that. The good thing is customers more often than not prefer the girl next door look which is more appealing to them, more approachable so to speak. So if you can act friendly and flirty at the same time, the answer is definitely yes.

What about short breaks from work or if I want to take holidays?

Absolutely no problem, that is one of the reason why many people nowadays are working as webcam models. The jobs is very flexible so if you are a student and want to work during term breaks, that is absolutely fine or whatever reason that you need to take a few months off, no problem whatsoever. But if you do quit webcam modelling completely, we will appreciate if you let us know so we can keep our records up to date.

What kind of payment options do you offer to your models?

We intend to make it possible for you to get paid as easy as possible no matter where you are in the world so we offer many ways to pay you such as bank transfer, paypal, loading funds to a prepaid card for you to withdraw cash from machines etc. And in the event that these options are not suitable for you, we are open to discussion to find a payment method that suit you best.

I am not living in United States, will that be ok?

Yes, we hire models from almost every country in the world as long as the country you live it has nothing legally against webcam modeling and you can chat in english.

What about tax?

As a webcam model, you are an independent contractor, meaning you are working for yourself and you are your own boss, which also means you are responsible to report your income to your local government for taxation. We do not deduct tax from the money we pay you.

What are the rules and regulations in webcam modeling for you?

A complete list will be sent to you and you can also access it in the model back office. Here are the main one that you should pay particular attention to as a violation to this might leads to termination of your webcam modeling account. Never allow anyone on cam with you unless this person is also a model registered with us and approved for broadcasting, furthermore you must get prior permission from us. Never sleep while you are on cam. No illegal activity. Never try to project yourself as under the legal age. Never use any illegal substance or appear to be intoxicated. No weapons or any sort. If in doubt, please contact us for clarification.

Is nudity compulsory?

It is not compulsory but generally expected by the customer if he takes you into a private chat room. You do not have to start undressing right away of course once you are in the private room, most customers prefer a little introduction first to make it a more personal experience for their fantasies. A webcam model who is more open minded will find himself or herself more opportunity in making money in the live chat rooms as customers have a very diversified and wide range of interest, a model who can satisfy more will undoubtedly attract more customers.

How much support you give for new models?

We treat our models like friends and family rather than a business associate, in that sense you can be sure that we will give you all our support to make sure you have the more profitable and enjoyable experience while you are working. Although we hate the idea of looking over your shoulder to see how you are doing while you are at work, it is necessary for us to do so in order to provide feedback on how to improve your earnings etc. A webcam modeling representative will also be assigned to you as your first point of contact if you have any problem or need any advise that is work related. You can call him or her your coach if you want :) .