The right mood for modeling on cam


Whenever I think of other girls trying to enter the world of cam modeling, I think of all the little things that took me a long time to learn, but quickly could have been mastered with just a small bit of instruction when I was starting out. One of the most important things I've learned while modeling on cam, is that there's just as much involved in the mental preparation as there is the physical.

Whether you're working at home or in a bona fide studio, it's important to keep your cam area tidy at all times. Your cam room, along with your physical appearance is a part of the modeling game, and it's important to keep it professional if you want to be paid like a professional. At first you may not understand why a tidy work space is so important, but if you're like me you will quickly see the obstacle you put in front of yourself when you start associating getting on cam with tedious chores like having to clean up.

Modeling on cam is all about creating the right mood for both you and your clients, and if you aren't careful you could be your own worst enemy. One of the biggest mistakes I've seen cam models make, is doing things on cam that are antithetical to their goal. Unless there's a particular fetish involved, there's really no reason for you to be eating in front of the camera, or blowing your nose, or any other sort of thing that would seem normal anywhere else, but are unnecessary roadblocks to the mood you want to set. There's a reason why studies show a cleaner work space increases productivity, and that could very well be amplified when that very space is part of what makes you successful to begin with.

While keeping a tidy cam area or separating lunch from work is a great start, it's not alone going to make you a great model. To be a great model, you have to have the mental dexterity to work through the slow days, and make the most out of the best days. It's so easy in my line of work for a model to have a few really good days, and then get down on themselves when things don't go the right way during others. To be a truly great at cam modeling, you have to have a miner's mentality, and keep chugging along even when things look dark.

Rewarding yourself for the work you put in is a fantastic method to keep you in the right state of mind, and will help guarantee you feel good about every day on cam regardless of the outcome. These rewards can be anything from physical pleasantries like chocolates or sweets, to sensory overloads like a good movie, video game or funny cat picture. Really, anything that you enjoy most in life can be used like a carrot on a string to push you forward, keep you in the modeling mood and motivate you for success.

It doesn't hurt to be pretty, and it certainly helps to have character, but those who know the secrets of staying in the right modeling mood will always be a step ahead in the cam industry. And in a world where high heels are part of the job description, every inch matters.

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