The right makeup for modeling on webcam


Cam modeling is just that Modeling! This of course has the requirement of being visually appealing. As women, we have the benefit of being able to use makeup to bring out our natural beauty. As cam models, we have the benefit of being able to do this on a daily basis FOR PROFIT! I've compiled a list of secrets for a great look while modeling on cam

Modeling Secret #1: Natural(ish) Makeup
Unlike high fashion modeling which is targeted toward women and not really sexual, web cam modeling is targeted towards men and more sexy. Blue, green or yellow lipstick is not generally what men find sexy. A fun eyeshadow can work sometimes but it's best to stick to more neutral colors. You don't have to look like you have NO makeup at all, you can actually take a heavy hand at it. Even dark red or bright pink lipstick is encouraged.

Modeling Secret #2: Visine
Even if your eyes are naturally white, a little Visine will make then whiter. Bright whites are a sign of health and healthy is sexy.

Modeling Secret #3: Teeth Whitening
Again, even if your teeth are naturally white, a little whitening will help you look even better. Another sign of good health is pearly whites. CAUTION: this can be overdone to where it looks fake so be careful.

Modeling Secret #4: False Eyelashes
This one men usually don't even notice, they just know you look EXTRA foxy! If you don't know how to do false lashes, it's a good idea to learn. I know they may seem difficult at first but it will become easy over time. Don't buy extra long or thick ones. Sets just a little fuller than your natural lashes will do.

Modeling Secret #5: LOTS of Water
Drink it! I know we hear this advice everywhere but it's some of the very best advice yet it is not taken seriously. Staying hydrated can give you a great glow, reduce water weight plus many more visual benefits.

Modeling Secret #6 A Neat Manicure
Whether you wear acrylics or natural nails, maintain a neat manicure. That can mean getting your refill regularly or making sure your polish isn't chipped. BONUS Secret: Airbrush Leg Spray This hides pores or blemishes anywhere on your body. Just a little goes a long way. A spritz on each leg and rub it in and you can look centerfold smooth with a sun kissed glow! Note: Don't use it on your face lol.