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We are hiring male and female live video chat host to interact with cam site subscribers using your webcam over internet. Using audio is not compulsory if your english level is not good enough, but it is desirable. We understand many chathosts in europe are more accustomed to typing in chatrooms than using audio and you are free to do so if you prefer to type but it must be in english.

We are paying one of the highest rate for live video chat host, if you are interested please click APPLY button and register with us now.

Video chat jobs is the term used in a number of countries in europe which stands for webcam modeling work or live chat host jobs. I am guessing it is a translation into english directly from their language and in a way it almost make more sense to call it video chat than webcam chat. But it might be misleading in countries such as UK and US to call webcam jobs as video chat jobs as we usually associate video as something that is recorded and replayed on screen. Live video chat might be a closer description to the actual job role. Since I already mentioned video is generally a term refer to something recorded, I want to point out that replaying video and disguising it as live webcam streams is strictly forbidded if you are working as a webcam model in all webcam sites I can think of, webcam modeling is about live interaction and replaying videos just won't cut it

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