Live Chat Jobs


Live chat jobs still exist today as they were many years ago although it is not as popular as webcam jobs or adult cam jobs simply cause it pay less and people can afford to spend on premium cam sites more so than before. Why they can afford to spend more now than before despite the global economic is worse than 5 years ago? Because the average charge of cam sites have not really gone up over the past ten years to stay in competition with the ever growing of chat sites every day. So it is a lot less to pay 6 dollars than 10 years ago.

Long before the live video chat or live cam chats that we see today, many discovered a convenient way to keep in touch with friends and not paying expensive phone bills every month. The instant messenger system such as ICQ, MSN and Yahoo were big hits at the time. People are literally on the live chat system all the time and the best thing was you can be engaged in multiple conversation at the same time on on the same screen.

During those time, many companies who operated phone chat or premium text messaging companies saw the opportunity and quickly adopted to the new trend. Phone chat operators became live chat operators or chat hosts. It worked brilliantly, rather than one operator handles one caller at a time, now the chat host can handle tens of chatters at the same time. Live chat jobs industry was blooming. There are still plenty of market in the live chat sector, and live chat jobs are still available usually advertised as chat host jobs, but our advise is you should contact the company to check whether they mean just chat without video or they meant webcam jobs instead.

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