Webcam model found new hope after losing her regular day job


I discovered webcam modeling jobs when my employer went out of business. Being shy and very modest, becoming one was a very abstract idea when I began considering it. I did research on it for two weeks before I even became a model to prepare myself, and even then I had to learn a lot of it on my own as I went. I don't think there could ever be a manual written on how to be a cam model, because there are so many right ways to do it, as long as you follow the rules and respect your customers.

Becoming comfortable with sharing myself with other people was my first step, and it was a huge one. I was careless in not being 100% sure my fiance was comfortable with it as well, because it did cause problems later on. Now, I'm sure this is not the case with everyone as I see many successful models out there who are in relationships or married. It is incredibly important that you make sure you and your significant other are totally ok with it. It was a hurdle we both had to jump together. We did it, but it took a lot of uncomfortable communication and arguing first.

I didn't just apply anywhere. I looked through many potential studios before I applied to two. I was accepted to both, but I only work with one because it is easier. I found scams and poorly thought out operations before I found the right place for me. The studio I work with trained me, and worked with me to get everything started. They were really helpful and I am so thankful they did not rip me off or steal my identity.

I am a fast learner so I figured everything out pretty quickly. But I really had to work hard to get organized and stay that way. Keeping track of my customers and my personal goals was a big task for me because I tend to forget things and have to play catch up. Trust me, once you remember someone's name, they'll want come back to talk to you. Organization is key to being a cam model, because you really have to be on top of what you are doing when you work.

Webcam modeling has encouraged a lot of growth in me. It certainly wasn't as easy as I initially thought it would be, but most things aren't. It's a rewarding job, as you can make a lot of money and meet a lot of new interesting people, it just takes effort and determination. I've had many great experiences as a cam model in general, but I have also had a lot of fun with my customers in particular. They look forward to you to bringing a smile to their face and a warm feeling in their pants. The day I relaxed and became comfortable with what I was doing was the day my webcam job became a breeze.